MCS  0.3.3-alpha7
My Customizable Server (MCS)


MCS is a collection of high level classes and functions designed to easily implement the following kind of applications:

  • multi thread applications;
  • network applications (through TCP);
  • database (MySQL) applications;
  • information servers;
  • FITS file access.

MCS contains already a working information server, able to serve several client simultaneosly and give a database access.

If you want to rapidly develop your application without worrying about networking, threading, and database code, MCS does the hard work for you, but doesn't pretend that you are a good low level programmer, or even that you know what is a socket. Furthermore MCS offers not only a number of C++ wrappers around the system's library, but a set of high level classes aimed to solve the more common problems.

This site contains MCS's reference documentation for all classes and functions. For an overview of the MCS facilities and description of basic topics check the documentation in pdf format . Latest release of the MCS package can be found here (see ChangeLog ).

NOTE: from version 0.3.2-alpha1 the MyRO, DIF and VO tables facilities are also distributed as stand-alone packages. (See Links).

MCS is continuosly evolving through the addition of new feature and correction of bugs, so come back soon for newer release. If you wish to contribute to the MCS development, or you think that MCS is lacking some important feature, or even if you found a bug, please let us know.

MCS was written by Giorgio Calderone gcald.nosp@m.eron.nosp@m.e@ifc.nosp@m..ina.nosp@m.f.if and Luciano Nicastro Aldo Spizzichino created the MCS logo (each software package out there has a little animal as logo, our is a cat).


MCS (My Customizable Server) ver. 0.3.3-alpha7
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