VOTable C++ Parser (VOTPP)


VOTPP is a collection of high level classes and functions aimed to parse the VOTable file format. VOTable files can be read using the votpp::Parser_Stream or the votpp::Parser_Tree classes, that is using the SAX model (read one node at a time) or the DOM model (read the entire file and build a browsable tree in memory). Note that VOTPP provide a distinct class for each possible VOTable node, so that C++ code will be very close to the XML counterpart. Also VOTable files can be read using the MCS's data abstraction layer.

This site contains VOTPP's reference documentation for all classes and functions. Latest release of the VOTPP package can be found here . See also the ChangeLog file.

To install the VOTPP library see VOTPP Installation.

VOTPP is continuosly evolving through the addition of new feature and correction of bugs, so come back soon for newer release. If you wish to contribute to the VOTPP development, or you think that VOTPP is lacking some important feature, or even if you found a bug, please let us know.

VOTPP was written by Giorgio Calderone <gcalderone@ifc.inaf.if> and Luciano Nicastro <nicastro@iasfbo.inaf.it>

VOTPP (VOTable C++ Parser) ver. 0.3.2-alpha1
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