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Organized by Work Packages and Science Branches

The Scheme below shows the REM Observatory Organizative Structure divided into Work Packages (WP) and Science Branches (SB). For each task the name of the Responsible (WPR and SBR) is reported.
The list of partecipants below is a collection of all the people who joined the project since the beginning, those who entered REM Team later and also the few ones that left for other places. Apart from the WP or SB also a partition in BUILders and PARTecipants is shown. This reflects in the authorship for paper of REM related data publication, as reported in the AUTHORING guide in this pages. Other details can be found in the document describing the handling of intellectual property.

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (Maintained by the Project Office)
INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera FAX +39-039-9991160
Sergio Campana +39-039-9991177 sergio.campana(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Guido Chincarini +39-039-9991157 guido.chincarini(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Paolo Conconi +39-039-9991150 paolo.conconi(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Stefano Covino +39-039-9991166 stefano.covino(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Giuseppe Crimi +39-039-9991161 giuseppe.crimi(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Dino Fugazza +39-039-9991126 dino.fugazza(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Giuseppe Malaspina +39-039-9991154 giuseppe.malaspina(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Emilio Molinari +39-039-9991158 emilio.molinari(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Paolo Saracco +39-02-72320320 paolo.saracco(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Giampiero Tagliaferri +39-039-9991127 giampiero.tagliaferri(a.t)brera.inaf.it
Filippo M. Zerbi +39-039-9991149 filippo.zerbi(a.t)brera.inaf.it
INAF - Osservatorio di Roma Monte Porzio FAX +39-039-06-9447243
Angelo Antonelli +39-06-94286475 antonelli(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Francesco D'Alessio +39-06-94286436 dalessio(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Gianluca Israel +39-06-94286436 gianluca(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Luigi Stella +39-06-94286437 stella(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Fabrizio Vitali +39-06-94286462 vitali(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Andrea di Paola +39-06-94286420 dipaola(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Vincenzo Testa +39-06-94286482 testa(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Fabrizio Fiore +39-06-94286433 fiore(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
Dario Lorenzetti +39-06-94286435 dloren(a.t)oa-roma.inaf.it
INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania FAX +39-095-330592
Giuseppe Cutispoto +39-095-7332312 gcutispoto(a.t)oact.inaf.it
Elisa Di Stefano   eds(a.t)oact.inaf.it
Giovanni Gentile +39-095-7332201 ggentile(a.t)oact.inaf.it
Eugenio Martinetti +39-095-7332256 emartin(a.t)oact.inaf.it
Sergio Messina +39-095-7332230 sme(a.t)oact.inaf.it
Stefano Sardone +39-095-7332206 ssardone(a.t)oact.inaf.it
INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste FAX +39-040-
John Danzinger +39-040-3199218 danziger(a.t)ts.astro.it
Elena Pian +39-040-3199230 pian(a.t)ts.astro.it
INAF-IASF - Bologna FAX +39-051-
Nicola Masetti +39-051-6398732 masetti(a.t)iasfbo.inaf.it
Luciano Nicastro +39-051-6398701 nicastro(a.t)iasfbo.inaf.it
Eliana Palazzi +39-051-6398701 eliana(a.t)iasfbo.inaf.it
INAF-IASF - Milano
Marco Tavani +39-02-23699350 marco.tavani(a.t)lambrate.inaf.it
Università di Perugia - Perugia - FAX
Marco Bagaglia   bagaglia(a.t)fisica.unipg.it
Gino Tosti +39-075-5852742 tosti(a.t)perugia.infn.it
Service d'Astrophysique du CEA Saclay FAX +33-
Paolo Goldoni +33-1-69085525 paolo(a.t)discovery.saclay.cea.fr
Jaques Paul    
DIAS-Dunsink Observatory Dublin FAX +353-1-8387090
Brian McBreen +353-1-7162202 brian.mcbreen(a.t)ucd.ie
Brendan Jordan +353-1-8387911 bjordan(a.t)dunsink.dias.ie
Evert Meurs +353-1-8387911 ejam(a.t)dunsink.dias.ie
Susanna D. Vergani   sv(a.t)dunsink.dias.ie
Laura Norci   ln(a.t)dunsink.dias.ie
Paul Ward   pward(a.t)dunsink.dias.ie

Last updated: 13 August 2006, nicastro at iasfbo.inaf.it