MyRO - My Record Oriented privilege system

MyRO is the name we use to refer to a technique used to implement a database privilege system on a per-record basis on the MySQL databases. Actually all database servers implements privilege system based on tables or columns, that is if a user has grants to access a certain table (or a table's column) he can access all records of that table (or that table's column). MyRO let you specify grants on a record level so a user can access only those records it is allowed to. A consequence of this is that different users reading the same table will see different records. The grant mechanism provided by MyRO is similar to that of a unix file system, that is each record belongs to a "owner" and a "group" and has three set of permissions associated (for the owner, the users belonging to the group and all other users) that specify if that record can be read and/or written.

MyRO has been developed on the GNU/Linux platform and is released under the GPL license. This site contains all news, updates, documentation and downloadable software packages. The site is still under development, so check for updates.

MyRO has been written by Giorgio Calderone and Luciano Nicastro