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2.1 Building the Library

The CFITSIO code is contained in about 40 C source files (*.c) and header files (*.h). On VAX/VMS systems 2 assembly-code files (vmsieeed.mar and vmsieeer.mar) are also needed.

CFITSIO has currently been tested on the following platforms:

   Sun OS                     gcc and cc (3.0.1)
   Sun Solaris                gcc and cc
   Silicon Graphics IRIX      gcc and cc
   Silicon Graphics IRIX64    MIPS
   Dec Alpha OSF/1            gcc and cc
   DECstation  Ultrix         gcc
   Dec Alpha OpenVMS          cc
   DEC VAX/VMS                gcc and cc
   HP-UX                      gcc
   IBM AIX                    gcc
   Linux                      gcc
   MkLinux                    DR3
   Windows 95/98/NT           Borland C++ V4.5
   Windows 95/98/NT           Microsoft/Compaq Visual C++ v5.0, v6.0
   Windows 95/98/NT           Cygwin gcc
   MacOS 7.1 or greater       Metrowerks 10.+
   MacOS-X 10.1 or greater    cc (gcc)
CFITSIO will probably run on most other Unix platforms. Cray supercomputers are currently not supported.